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A Mazda Sportscar Club Scenic Drive

A Local Maryland Drive BUT We Need Someone to Create IT

Looking for Maryland Seafood


A local drive to enjoy the scenic roads and good food.


In Picturesque Maryland

Drive Start

Start Location: Somewhere in Maryland

Ending Location: Somewhere Near an Interstate


Summer Drive: TBD, 2013

We will meet-up in Maryland

We will leave about: 10:00 a.m.

Registration (RSVP) Required

If you are interested in putting together a drive in Maryland to some "great" seafood or crab restaurant, let me know.

It should be simple and scenic.

Email me the day and time that YOU would like to do it:

We'll Be There, But Who will Lead It?

Roys Car

Roy and Margaret Wagner

What to Bring

  1. Some "driving" music to enjoy enroute.

What's new?

Our New Blue Miata.